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PSU Designs has a large design facility at its West Midlands factory, with several senior engineers and additional engineering support staff, along with a vast resource in power supply test and proving equipment.

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July 2019

PSU Designs Ltd. is excited about exhibiting at the DSEI Defence & Security Exhibition at Excel, in London, on 10th-13th Sept 2019.

Please come along and see us in the Manufacturing Hub Pod 15, to meet some of our engineers and learn more about what our design and manufacturing facility has to offer.

In Addition, our Engineering Manager, Matthew Bloxwich, will be giving a presentation “Design Considerations for Bespoke Military Power Supplies” in the Manufacturing Hub on Wednesday 11th 11.30-11.50am.

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June 2019


PSU Designs Ltd. is exhibiting at the IFSEC International Exhibition at Excel, London on 18-20 June 2019. Please come along and see us on stand IF1153, to meet some of our engineers and learn more about what our design and manufacturing facility has to offer.

May 2019

PSU Designs Ltd. is exhibiting at the Med Tech Exhibition at Birmingham NEC 15th and 16th May 2019. Please come along and see us on stand J25, to meet some of our engineers and learn more about what our design and manufacturing facility has to offer.

June 2018

LED lighting is a very dynamic and expanding market; many applications need something more than just a simple driver. PSU Designs can provide bespoke solutions with options for dimming, battery backed switch over circuits, back up battery charging, low level night mode operation, medical lighting, worldwide input, including 300V AC input, on / off inhibit function, long life, high temperature, designs compliant with all latest EN standards including EN61000-3-2:2014, compliant with various EMC Standards.

July 2016

12 months ago PSU invested more than £500,000 in additional surface mount and conventional assembly machinery to supplement introduction of lean manufacture, the investment in machinery and the introduction of lean enabling the UK plant to manufacture volume competitively in the UK, all this effort has now come to fruition with record volume output from the UK factory.

The next 6 months will see 5 major new product releases all for manufacture in the UK, look out for further details to follow.

May 2014


PSU Designs has invested heavily in machinery and automation, 2 additional Quadra surface mount assembly machines bringing the total number of these machines to 6 have been installed, a new universal RAD 8 high speed radial assembly machine has been installed as the manufacturing plant continues to grow.
New development orders will see growth of around 30,000 additional manufactured power supplies per year over the next 12 months.

July 2012

Continued growth and record sales

PSU Designs is pleased to report the continuation of growth with sales turn over increase of 14% over the previous 12 months giving record sales for the 4th consecutive year.

The strength and growth of the companies sales and marketing division allied to its engineering resource and technology continues to attract new customers and new business opportunities.

The UK head quarters and manufacturing site has seen a marked up lift in both technical and sales personnel with clearly defined goals for growing both offshore high volume product and low to medium volume more complex UK manufactured product. This has allowed the company to expand evenly across all its operations keeping the right balance in terms of being able to satisfy the needs of all its customers and all its new enquiries no matter how complex or how simple or how high or how low the volumes.

PSU see being able to satisfy all of its customers needs as a key to maintaining their excellent customer relationships, knowing their customers have a partner who will look after their high volumes but who will also be there for the low volume specials.

New Product releases

During the last 12 months the company has released 30 new products, all of them custom designs into a wide variety of markets and industries.


In keeping with the expansion of the companies cutting edge technical capabilities more than half of the new products released have sophisticated micro processor controls bringing a whole host of additional features and house keeping to the power supply’s which in turn gives PSU Designs customers added technology and improved marketing prospects for their own product.

Critical to this advanced technology is the company’s in house software capability which allied to the many analogue engineers gives a unique capability still with fast turnaround of new designs.


PSU continues to be strong in growth markets such a technology lighting, industrial control and many products associated with buildings, refurbishments and infrastructure. Many of the new growth areas require a deep understanding of relevant legislation and the knowhow to meet the legislation and in a timely manner.

Proving and reliability

In keeping with the expansion of the design and technology sode of the business a new department is being created both centralising and adding to the vast amount test and proving equipment the company has at its disposal. Additional ovens, soak chambers, microprocessor controlled active soak test bays and other features are all being added to the enhanced reliability division.

The new features will enable the company to soak test new designs with a programmed variable load profile simulating real use rather than at fixed loads. This forces the power supply to encounter far more transients and deviations into max duty-cycles and other limits of operation that remain tested only during design as a rule but that PSU will be able to prove over short term, medium term and long term programmes.

All this adds up to proven high reliability despite the turnaround of a brand new design in only 8 – 12 weeks depending on complexity.

Warm and inviting

PSU is proud of its capabilities and all existig and new customers are strongly encouraged to visit both the UK headquarters and manufacturing site or to be hosted on an off shore tour of the facility in south east China, the technology and capability is second to none, but just as importantly our customers are made to feel at one with PSU as a supplier, familiar with all the team and very approachable. Customers realy can readily talk to the person that designed their power supply, or the person that made it. By being so open PSU can install confidence with the people who make things happen at our customers. People are welcome at PSU.

Looking forwards

At the time of releasing this news update the company is in the middle of numerous new product releases and expects to not only post record sales again this financial year but expects the following year to see its biggest growth to date with new customers from the USA, China, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore and Europe all growing their businesses powered by PSU.

Great to see you on our website

Thank you for taking an interest in PSU Designs Ltd, please re-visit our site for more news and updates.

July 2010

Investment, Technology and Growth

Throughout Q1 and Q2 of 2010 PSU Designs has seen a continuation of sustained growth built around the ongoing release of many new technically advanced products into many different marketplaces.  The growth has been supported by major investment in the manufacturing and testing facilities.

IFSEC Exhibition

PSU Designs chose the well-attended IFSEC exhibition at the NEC to promote several of its new fire and security products.  The company’s products and capabilities were extremely well received with multiple new business opportunities presenting themselves both in the UK and overseas.


Investment in Manufacturing

To supplement the growth, substantial investment has been made to the UK manufacturing facility.  During Q1 and Q2 a further 3 Surface Mount lines have been installed, bringing the total to 4 fully functional lines and 1 backup line.

The manufacturing process is also benefitting from high magnification vision systems to aid inspection processes and other automated machinery to aid the manufacturing process.

To aid soak testing and reliability proving, the production soak test chambers have been enhanced by the addition of 100% data logging capability.  Production soak testing now also includes the option to carry out vibration testing where deemed necessary for the product and marketplace.

Investment in Design Capability

To aid in the process of producing new designs, in keeping with the company’s philosophy of ‘right first time’, PSU Designs have trialed, approved and purchased the latest 3-Dimensional modeling software, Solid Works, provided by Solid Solutions.

New Product Releases

3 new products featuring microprocessor controls and various status indicators have been launched into the aircraft industry.  The products will help to expand the existing European markets and provide growth into US markets.

2 new DC-DC LED driver products have been launched into the vehicle lighting market.

A power supply providing a low voltage AC output has been launched into the security market.

Production has now commenced for 2 new high volume products for one of the world’s leading precision weighing companies.

PSU Designs is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of medium voltage industrial microprocessor controlled battery chargers, helping to provide reliable backup power for a wide range of industrial systems.

New Designs

In addition to exhibiting at IFSEC 2010, PSU Designs is further cementing its strong position in the security marketplace with the development of upgraded dual voltage output power and charging units with higher power densities and additional features over previous models.

As part of an exciting new development, PSU Designs product helped to demonstrate revolutionary ultra high efficiency lighting for a confidential project in the US.

PSU Designs engineering lab is also finalising a multi-output, highly intelligent and highly sophisticated medical power supply for use in operating theatres across the world.

With such a wide range of commercially attractive business opportunities currently under development in the design laboratory it is easy to see where the continuation of the company’s growth will come from.

January 2010

Major Contract in Lighting and Security

PSU Designs is pleased to announce the launch of a new IP66 rated power supply for one of the world’s leading manufacturers in lighting and security.

Power supply volumes are anticipated to reach 30,000 to 40,000 pieces per year.

This excellent news comes on the back of sustained growth that has already seen record sales figures.

PSU Designs wishes to extend its thanks to UL, both in the UK and globally, for the excellent support received to ensure the power supply met its worldwide approvals needs on time.

The successful completion of this new project further strengthens the foundations of PSU Designs business which is to engineer a fast and commercially attractive solution when no ideal solution is readily available.

Additional Purchasing Resource

In line with the continued expansion of its business, PSU Designs is pleased to welcome Anthony Orr to the purchasing team as Buyer and Materials Planner.

Additional Software Programming Resource

PSU Designs has expanded it’s already powerful software team with additional external programming resource to meet the demands of several new high profile microprocessor controlled battery charging projects.

New Product Releases

In addition to the launch of the lighting and security power supply, further production releases have taken place; notably a 600W power supply for high frequency lasers which has been very well received by the industry, and a constant current power supply with very high power factor carefully designed to fit inside the rim of a state of the art, high intensity LED lamp.  A further new product release has taken place with a very high power density motorized door power unit, featuring up to 400W peak capability in a size 85mm x 125mm.

New Designs

New projects are shortly to be launched into the oil industry, computing technology, lighting, charging for generators, power distribution and the aircraft industry.

PSU Designs is pleased to see a continuous stream of new projects in the design facility with strong potential to lead to in excess of 50% business growth over the next 18 months.

December 2009

Continued Expansion

PSU Designs is thrilled to announce record sales in December with a 50% uplift over its previous best.

2009 has been an incredible achievement with over 20 new power supplies released to production and at the time of writing this has now translated into a total of 24 new production assembly jobs at it’s UK plant.

PSU Designs wishes to thank all of its customers, old and new, for their tremendous support.

New Products

PSU Designs has numerous new projects in its design laboratory.

New products are shortly to be launched into high frequency laser technology, oil industry, security and low voltage lighting, emergency lighting, charging for generators, power distribution panels, aircraft industry and the expanding field of RFID.

PSU Designs is also pleased to announce the award of two major contracts to supply the power conversion for the RFID technology to be used at the London Marathon and at the 2012 Olympic Games.  This good news is reward for the groundbreaking low noise and emmissions performance achieved from switch mode product targeted at the noise sensitive RFID market.

September 2009

New Products

Launch of several EN54 microprocessor based power supplies in to worldwide markets.

PSU Designs Ltd is a substantial custom designer and manufacturer of switch-mode power supplies and battery chargers.

PSU Designs Ltd is the first choice of many of the world’s leading manufacturers in several industry sectors.


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